This programme is organized by:

If you wish to be a vendor at our event, please contact [email protected] for more information.

Sales tables' prices and other information TBA.

Vendors will receive free entry to the event for two employees up to three tables. Additional entries must be negotiated. For extra employees we change the standard entry ticket price.

An advertisement banner on our website can be purchased (price TBA), which includes advertising in social media on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Additionally, we offer special deals for marketing, such as advertisement videos before and after programming as well as printed advertising in our convention schedule. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Note that the prices do not include VAT. An additional 24 % VAT will be added.


We only authorize the sale of licensed merchandise! All products must be copyright-marked and feature the information of the copyright holder. We will demand the removal of any products that do not have proper markings. If the same vendor is found guilty of selling unmarked products, the vendor will be removed from the premises with a one-hour window to collect their products and leave. Any payment for tables and advertisement will not be refunded.

If you’d like to sell any art or handicrafts containing material from existing copyright properties, please contact our Artist Alley manager at [email protected].