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Cosplay in Animecon 2018

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Cosplay competitions in Animecon 2017

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Costume Contest judges

Maiju ”majo” Härkönen

Hi, I’m Maiju/majo and have been doing cosplay since 2003. I have competed abroad in the finals for EuroCosplay, WCS and ECG, the latter of which I won second place for in the group contest with my partner Elina in the Summer of 2016. I mostly like to make costumes where you get to furiously hone props (sometimes maybe even sew) and hope that we get to see costumes made from all kinds of materials and sources in the competition. When judging, I like to give attention specifically to groomed details, use of materials, and adherence to original reference. Good luck to everyone in the contest, and make sure to get enough sleep the night before!

Photo: AG Cosplay & Photography

Paula ”outomaatti” Rynty

I’m Paula/outomaatti, a detail enthusiast and lecture-programming amateur who has done cosplay since 2012. My competition background mainly features hall cosplay, but I also won gold in my first ever solo contest in Desucon Frostbite 2017. The best thing about cosplay is the combination of different crafts and constantly getting to develop various skills. Small details, witty execution, and transforming materials (painting, dyeing, embroidery etc.) are close to my heart, and these are aspects I like to look for in competing costumes. I wish all the luck to the contestants, and encourage them to enjoy the whole process of making the costume, as well as to trust their instincts as a craftsman – they will take you further than you could think.

Photo: Mialiina Cosplay Photography

Jenni ”jesmo” Suominen

Hi, I’m jesmo, a cosplayer and cosplay enthusiast from Helsinki. Over the past years I’ve gained a fair amount of competition experience, and represented Finland at the 2016 World Cosplay Summit in Japan. In terms of studies I am educated in the fields of f. ex. design and clothing design. For me the feel of materials is very important, and I get psyched over neat finishing touches. Remember to enjoy not only constructing your costumes, but also the short Finnish Summer!

Photo: Alexandriel Photography

Nostalgia Cosplay contest judges

Iris ”adreena” Rönkkö

I have been cosplaying since 2003. That’s when Naruto was the hottest thing around and everyone was watching Inuyasha. Nowadays I use cosplay to experience my childhood dreams of tragic love stories, where horses played an important role. I would have never guessed as a five-year-old that at aged thirty I would still have tremendous feelings at Candy Candy’s pigtails. I can’t wait to see those same great emotions at the Nostalgia Cosplay contest!

Photo: Henna Mäkelä

Riikka ”Fukka” Hietala

It’s Riikka, hi! I must be an older generation cosplayer as I passed the ten-year landmark around a year ago. I’m a versatile cosplayer when it comes to characters and like to draw inspiration for costumes from nostalgia a bit too much at times. I’m also a kind of a relic in terms of cosplay since I still write a cosplay themed blog. I’ve taken part in many types of competitions, but the best part is performing both together and alone. With costumes and performances I appreciate great loyalty to source material and its characters, as well as good technical skill. I expect the contest to allow for wallowing in the tides of many different eras and for me to be taken by surprise by ghosts of the past.

Photo: Niina Riekki

Helena ”Hellu” Alajärvi

Hello! I’ve been doing cosplay since 2007 and in that time I’ve created cosplays of many different kinds. I’ve represented Finland at the 2016 Nordic Cosplay Championship finals (after winning the Finnish championship) and at the Cosplay World Masters competition. With costumes I specifically like to focus on the big picture, though not forgetting the smaller details. My own nostalgia nerve gets tingly over Playstation 1 games, Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot in particular. As I haven’t been following the most recent anime and manga series much in the recent years, I believe I’ll get to see many more familiar characters in the contest. Good luck to everyone in the competition! ^^

Photo: Mikael Peltomaa